Tuesday, February 5, 2019

MCT's New Community Service Fellowship

We are excited to announce our new "Community Service Fellowship".  This is an amazing opportunity for those yearning for community impact to: gain leadership experience, contribute to developing a growing not-for-profit's impact.  From the summary:

The Community Service Fellowship (CSF) is an unpaid six-month training and service experience.  This experience at an innovative, rapidly-growing, not-for-profit is focused on carrying out a unique “connecting through strengths” message utilizing both Gallup strengths concepts and leading-edge mental health/leadership practices.  In 10+ hours/month, Fellows receive intensive training/coaching in leadership, service, and grant writing/research. Fellows impact their community in ways likely to continue for years to come.
Sound like this may be your opportunity to take your life mission to the next level?  Sign up online right now.  Or shoot us an email so we can dialogue about next steps:  ProgramCoordinator@MountainCounseling.org. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Welcome to MCT's Blog

This is the place to find “All Things MCT”, including:
  • Leadership/life coaching
  • Announcements about events/classes/groups as we provide services to Rim of the World Unified School District (ROWSD) kiddos and their families
  • Announcements concerning opportunities on the MCT team for volunteers, paid staff roles, or board/advisory level roles
  • Specific answers to questions regarding parenting, classroom management, mental health, or leadership (some in video, some in written form)
  • New staff joining the team to increase the reach of our student and community services
We’ll be tagging each item so you won’t miss what interests you. We’d also love for you to become a member of our community so we can let you know if special events or special blog posts. People with an interest in developing their leadership skill set or taking their careers to the next level will find valuable tools and ideas to “supercharge” their progress.

Our Audience: MCT Friends, Collaborators, and Stakeholders 

Initially, this blog will be promoted to those with whom we have a relationship (our MCT "friends" list) but we hope it will become a valued resource to share with others who are interested in the San Bernardino mountain communities, leadership, or counseling/training/coaching. 

Want to be a part of the MCT inner circle? Shoot an email to ProgramCoordinator@MountainCounseling.org.

Why would you want to read these posts?

  • To take your life mission to the next level by reading our leadership/life coaching posts
  • To learn about new staff joining our team
  • To learn about and discuss school-based activities sponsored by MCT or its many partners and friends
You can read our social media policy regarding confidentiality in full on our website but the summary is:
  • Be respectful
  • Be aware that this is not a forum for “therapy”
  • Be aware that posting a question on this site is not confidential

Our Promises

  • We will post at least twice monthly
  • We will notify those on our membership list when our posts first appear
  • We will respond to all direct questions within seven days of posting
  • We will provide a monthly video from one of our team responding to specific questions from our community
  • We will monitor blog “traffic” to keep things respectful and professional.
Those who have an interest in serving our mountain communities will want to stay on the cutting edge of MCT’s development as there will be many opportunities for synergistic interactions with existing mountain initiatives.

Please leave any thoughts below. We’d love to hear your ideas about how to make our blogging and other social media efforts more relevant to what you care about. Shoot us any questions for our team of experts on leadership, family issues, student concerns, educational challenges. Look for answers to your questions in future posts. We’ve set up a special email (AskUs@MountainCounseling.org) for this purpose.

Polarotary Plunge Flash Announcement

Last minute opportunity to support
Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc.

Bethany Evans, the MCT Program Manager, will be jumping in the lake
with Luke the MCT therapy dog Saturday a.m.  

Shoot an email to ProgramCoordinator@mountaincounseling.org for instructions
as to how to contribute.  
Join us Saturday for the fun (at least for Luke!).